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Channa Curry Spicy Vegetarian

Chickpeas tempered with house –made tangy onion spice curry.
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Eggplant Curry Vegetarian

Eggplant cooked with rich onion spice gravy.
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Palak Paneer Vegetarian

Spiced spinach cooked on fresh cream with Indian cheese.
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Paneer Butter Masala Spicy Vegetarian

Punjabi cheese is cooked with spices in rich creamy butter & tomato gr...
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Paneer Chettinadu Spicy Vegetarian

Homemade cheese with karaikudi fresh 18 herbs & spices with,onion,garlic,...
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South Indian Dal Vegetarian

Lentils with fresh coriander and cumin.
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Spinach with Lentils Vegetarian

Yellow lentil cooked with spinach, temped and drizzle with desi ghee.
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Vegetable Chettinadu Vegetarian

Fresh veggie in a spicy sauce made from karaikudi style.
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Vegetable Kurma (mild) Vegetarian

Fresh vegetable cooked with creamy smooth mildly spice and extremely f...